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Monday 7 August 2017

Why it is impossible to completely ban blue whale challenge ?

It is nearly impossible to ban deadly Blue Challenge,Blue whale is not a game that can be downloaded on PC or mobile

Deadly blue whale challenge game continuing its spree of takings lives across the world.Its recent victim is a 14 year boy from Mumbai,India. Like other participants he ended up with jumping off the terrace of his flat.
It is difficult to trace spread of game since its links are not found on playstore or any other site.
But the Challenge is not a game that can be downloaded on a phone or a website.You can't find a link of blue whale game anywhere on internet.Efforts by cyber experts to locate the game — on Play Store and a series of websites — yielded no results. The challenge can only be undertaken when its creators get in touch with would-be users.

Deadly Blue Whale is a 50-day-challenge.Blue Whale began in Russia in 2013 with "F57", one of the names of the so-called "death group" of the VKontakte social network(a famous social media network among Russian speaking), and allegedly caused its first suicide in 2015..It is believed that the founder of this deadly game is a 22-year-old Russian, Filipp Budeikin,a former psychology student who was expelled from his university,was arrested last November for allegedly inciting teenagers to take their lives.According Filipp Budeikin challenge aimed at "cleansing society" by eliminating "people who are worthless"by pushing them to suicide those he deemed as having no value.

The game gives a task a day — each one potentially fatal — to the player for 50 days.

The game is based on the relationship between the challengers (also called players or participants) and the administrators. It involves a series of duties given by the administrators that players must complete, usually one per day, some of which involve self-mutilation. Some tasks can be given in advance, while others can be passed on by the administrators on that day, the last task being suicide.

The list of tasks, to be completed in 50 days, includes waking up at 4:20 A.M., climbing a crane, carving a specific phrase on the person’s own hand or arm, doing secret tasks, poking a needle to the arm or leg, standing on a bridge and roof, listening to certain type of music, and watching scary and psychedelic videos sent to the challengers by the administrator. 
Th administrators of the game reach out to their victims through different social medias like Instagram,Facebook,WhatsApp or any other online forums.Victims are selected based on their recent social media posts and activities. If your posts speak that you are 'feeling lonely' or ''depressed' ,then you are the perfect target.They will collect maximum personal details about you ,so that they can easily push you towards suicide  through blackmailing or other sort of psychological approaches. 

A journalist from NB Bishkek news (Kyrgystan) writes in a personal account on the website about registering on Instagram as a teenage girl, then making "a couple of naive posts, depressive photos" and specific tags.
"After a day, they knocked. — Are you in Game? — Yes," the journalist writes on NB Bishkek news.

Teenagers are prime targets of this challenge.Why? ,they are willing to do anything to prove/justify/live up to a certain image. During adolescence risk taking behaviour is in its peeks. It is the age during which one seeks his own identity and role in the society and family. To get others attention they will take any risk.

A report by Radio Liberty, a US government-funded broadcasting organisation, said one of their correspondents who had signed up for the challenge as a 15-year-old asked what would happen if she wanted to get out.
The curator replied, "I have all your information. They will come after you."

Instagram and Facebook have come up with measures where a user is directed to a help page when they search for hashtags related to the Blue Whale Challenge.
"Posts with words or tags you're searching for often encourage behaviour that can cause harm and even lead to death"
Facebook search result  for 'Blue Whale'
Facebook suggests three ways to get through your difficult times
Today,internet is accessible to even small kids.Parents need to monitor their children's interests on Internet,and show them real world instead of allowing them to immerse in virtual world.

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