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Sunday 14 January 2018

Artificial Intelligence enabled products and technolgy launched at CES 2018

Artificial Intelligence at CES 2018 Las Vegas

CES 2018 has witnessed lot of applications of Artificial Intelligence. We have picked few worth noticing.

Sony's Aibo robot dog

Sony presented it's latest version of Aibo robot dog - and it's cuter than ever. Sony says it relies on sophisticated sensors and AI programming. The Aibo senses its surroundings, and not just to avoid objects. The little puppy tries to mimic the movement and activities of a real dog.

Aibo responds to touch on three specific areas: on its head, back and under its chin.It's cuteness can't be explained. Watch it below

Self-driving travel bag

CES 2018 witnessed another funny, same time innovative product self driving travel bag CX-1 luanched by China’s ForwardX Robotics. It is first of kind for sure. Four-wheeled travel bag can automatically follows its user around the airports and other places.
cx 1 self driving suitcase
CX-1 self driving travel bag mad by ForwardX Robotics
The smart bag uses cameras and AI(Artificial Intelligence) algorithm to avoid crashes.170-degree wide angle lens and built-in facial recognition software, which allow the device to follow you at up to 7 miles per hour throughout the terminal .Smart wrist band will notify if it gets too far away or when the battery power gets low.

Intel-Ferrari AI partnership for sports broadcasts

At CES 2018, Intel's artificial intelligence and Ferrari, announced partnership in creation and distribution of sports broadcast content , that involve aerial footage captured via drones, which will then be mixed and curated to create personalised feeds.

Announced by Intel CEO Brian Krzanich during his CES 2018 keynote, the three-year partnership with Ferrari North America will see Intel AI tech including the Intel Xeon scalable platform and the Neon Framework used, along with aerial footage captured by Intel drones.

Infrastructure cost inherent in deploying fixed cameras around each track throughout the race calendar is a huge amount.This can be made lot cheaper by using drones and then using AI on top of it.Multiple camera feeds from drones will stream this to a central source, with the AI then mixing and cutting the feeds together.

Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant

AI enabled Google assistant and amazon alexa
Google Assistant& Amazon Alexa Smart Speakers
Amazon and Google presented their latest version of AI enabled voice assistance at CES 2018. Lot of smart speakers were presented at CES 2018. Currently Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant is open to other companies also. These enables them to come out with more innovative products.

Byton Autonomous Electric Vehicle

byton autonomous smart electric car
Byton autonomous smart car 'Concept'
Chinese firm Byton presented their smart electric car at CES 2018 Las Vegas. Manufacturer has focused mainly on smart power rather than horsepower. It features a large touch screen covering entire dashboard area. Byton smart car comes with gesture control system.At launch, Byton says it will include Level 3 self-driving capability, which means the car can drive itself in many situations, but a human driver will have to take control for some. The car will be technically capable of Level 4 self-driving, which means it can handle all driving tasks, a feature that Byton can make available once government regulations permit.Artificial Intelligence is one of the main contributor in achieving autonomous drive.

Hyundai's 'Intelligent Personal Agent'

South Korean Automobile giant Hyundai introduced their 'Intelligent Personal Agent', a voice-enabled virtual assistant system at CES 2018 Las Vegas.Intelligent Personal Agent, co-developed with SoundHound, to be deployed in new models in 2019.System serves as a proactive assistant, predicting driver needs and facilitating vehicle functions.AI enabled Advanced technology can be optimized for future connected car data demands.
hyandai intelligent personal agent for connected cars
Hyundai car concept with Intelligent Personal Agent
A lot more AI supported products, especially wide range of robots were launched during CES 2018.

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