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Sunday 4 February 2018

Google Artificial Intelligence can predict flight delays and cheapest fare

Google will now predict if your flight will be delayed using it's Artificial Intelligence algorithm with 80% accuracy

Flight delays are always frustrating for travelers. Google has launched a new feature on its site, which it says can predict flight delays with over 80 percent accuracy, long before the airlines let anyone know.
google flights and artificial intelligence
The tool is available on the website Google Flights, as well as on Google's Flights app.Google Flights is an online flight booking search service which facilitates the purchase of airline tickets through third party suppliers.Google can help you choose right flight with cheapest rate for your journey. So far Google flight has been a flight search service just like any other service provider, but with the introduction of Artificial Intelligence ,Google flights is going to stand out from others.
google flights updated version
Google Flights Updated Version
Google AI has already a made remarkable achievements in various fields.Recently NASA revealed they use Google AI to detect exoplanets.

How Google AI predict flight delays

An Artificial Intelligence system usually learns by examples. Using historic flight status data, Google's machine learning algorithms can predict some delays even when this information is not available from airlines yet.

"We’re at least 80 per cent confident in the prediction. We still recommend getting to the airport with enough time to spare, but hope this information can manage expectations and prevent surprises," says Google in a blog post.

How to check flight delay
Go to google search bar and type in your flight number. That's all.It will give estimated time of departure and arrival along with other information like terminal,gate etc.. 

Here is the search result for Lufthansa LH 401 New York City to Frankfurt flight on 4th February 2018. You can see that Google predicts Flight may be delayed by DELAYED 1 HR, 50 MINS. Reason for the delay is also included. However google suggests 'confirm flight status on an airport monitor'.
Google flight status using Artificial Intelligence
Google Flight status search result 
However, these features are currently limited to American, Delta, and United Airlines.Soon google may include other airlines data too to predict  in flight status using Artificial Intelligence algorithm.

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